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A lot of legends, a lot of people have come before me. But this is my time. - Usain Bolt

A Legend In The Making

My name is Aroosa Badalpara! I am a legend in the making. My various educational and professional experiences during my time at The University of Alabama have set me up for success in more than just my career.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences as I majored in an award-winning, highly ranked Public Relations program. Thus, I know the importance of branding and passion points and their role in hospitality and business. I know how to professionally channel my people skills while applying digital and social media marketing knowledge. My self-designed minor in Meeting and Event planning through the Hospitality Management department, rated top 18 in the country, gave me access to a multitude of event associations and conferences. I have seen first hand how national events are managed and networked directly with the people who managed them. These opportunities showed me that my passion was event management and gave me just as much real-world experience as they did in-class knowledge. A few serendipitous encounters later I discovered the sector of event management in the sport industry and have been enthralled since. I recently acquired a Master of Science in Hospitality Management degree, with a concentration in Sport Hospitality. The University of Alabama has a reputation for producing legends and I am striving to be one of them. 

Public Relations  Sport Hospitality
Event Management  

International Communications

Facility Management  Project Coordination  Customer Service  

About me...

I have been acquiring hospitality experience since my very first job at a restaurant 9 years ago. At the time, I had no idea that I would pursue a career in the very industry. I gained valuable customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills over the course of four years as a hostess and server. Not long after, I obtained an internship within my religious community as a Marketing and Resource Manager and worked with a local project team to organize an annual summer camp. Discovering skills like organization and attention to detail, I pursued my interests as an event coordinator with a local event management company. I learned how to deal with vendors and clients, how to bring an event’s theme to life, how to manage on-site staff, and so much more. I went from working with social events to corporate events through an internship at a bank. I then ventured into the event sector of the sport

industry, from working with sky-boxes and stadium clubs for The University of Alabama's football stadium to an award-winning capstone project for the Chicago White Sox. I was able to learn about sectors including, but not limited to premium seating, sponsorships and activations. I fell in love and pursued more sporting event opportunities at the NFL Super Bowl Experience and the NBA All-Star Weekend in 2019 and 2020. From my very first time coordinating a religious camp to my work in Super Bowl LIII, I embraced the reality of events that are long nights and busy weekends adding up to countless hours. This industry is not all glamour, instead it is the embodiment of customer service and hard work. Yet I feel as though I do not work in event management, but rather in creating moments and memories that foster genuine human connections. My perspective allows me to be consistently dedicated to every event, more so, every endeavor effortlessly. Instilled in me by my alma mater, I was taught to personify excellence and “trust the process” through it all!

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